Partnership for the 21st Century

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Curriculum21 Ning (started by Heidi Hayes Jacobs (join, share, collaborate, learn)

ASCD-The Whole Child Initiative for the 21st century

21st Century Skills for Teachers: This site, which encourages others to join and contribute, has many activities and link that will give you a chance to actively participate in using some of the web-based tools that are commonly used in classrooms and to discuss authentic ideas for using these tools.
101 Tools to Learn any Language for Free
Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes

21st Century Skills Map - For English
21st Century Skills Map - For Social Studies
These 21st Century Skills Maps are the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation.
The Partnership [for 21st C. Skills] issues these maps.(

Living abroad makes you more creative:research project, includes language learning.

Creativity is an essential skill for 21st century.